About Skimcast

Skimcast lets you read less and _____ more. You fill in the blank. Just snap a photo, or upload an ebook or PDF, and Skimcast gives you the summary. It is like Cliffs Notes on steroids. The founder of Skimcast, Dr. Bill Hollingsworth, was born with a rare medical condition affecting his sight and has difficulty read standard print. Simply put, Bill struggles to Skim large amounts of text. Hence the name Skimcast.

After years of experimentation and development, Bill secures a patent for his new software technology. With Skimcast, Bill can to upload huge files (like textbooks) and quickly get back a Skim that includes a summary, relevant document themes, time saved, and words skipped. The next step was to bring to software to others like Bill and millions of people around the world that want to ‘Read Less. ______ more.’

Bringing Skimcast to the masses

When it came time to build a mobile Application, Skimcast selected Helium Services. Skimcast knows that there are millions of students and business professionals that will benefit. They also know that these groups are not patient and expect their mobile apps to be easy to use and reliable. Helium worked with Skimcast to create a long term plan and market-ready consumer applications.

Select Project Highlights

  • Text-to-speech
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Application tutorial
  • User Authentication
  • Signup with Facebook
  • Signup with Google+
  • Native functionality integrations (camera, photos, internet browser, Apple iBooks, email, text messages)
  • Share via Facebook, Google+, Text, Email, Twitter, and more
  • Embedded video player for advertising
  • API Documentation
  • AWS S3

User Experience & Design

  • Mobile application design
  • UX / UI
  • Color Scheme
  • Adding photos

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Technologies Used:  iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Cognito, Node.js, REST API