Kakuto Submission Challenge

Kakuto Submission Challenge increases productivity by 1,000%

Helium’s custom software solution helped the organizers of the Kakuto Submission Challenge increase productivity and revenue by 1,000%.

The Kakuto Submission Challenge is a mixed martial arts tournament with opportunity for major growth. Yet, with no software in place to manage registration, match creation, match management, and results tracking, the tournament was limiting growth opportunity.

After implementing a custom software application by Helium Services, the tournament has increased productivity and revenue by 1,000%. This case study highlights Kakuto’s partnership with Helium to overcome growth and efficiency hinderances to maximize profits and potential.

Kakuto’s Challenges

Excessive Personnel Hours

Kakuto had been managing each tournament manually. Registration and weigh-in took place using paper and pencil. After all the competitors were weighed in, a team of people spent the entire day creating matches for each of the 293 possible divisions.

Lack of Communication

As matches began, competitors were called over a loudspeaker. Many did not hear due to crowd noise, wearing headphones, or having left the venue.

This led to frustrated, uniformed competitors. It also created long wait times between matches while opponents and officials waited for competitors.

Inefficient use of Space and Time

Because of the complexity and time required to create each match, all six mats were rarely used simultaneously. This created excessively long wait times, underutilization of the mats, and exorbitantly long tournaments. In turn, these issues limited the number of competitors and stifled revenue potential.

The Solution

As the leaders of Kakuto realized they could not grow the tournament without new tools, they sought a business solution that was fast, easy and scalable.

Byron Lovvorn, Founder of the Kakuto Submission Challenge, contacted Helium Services to create the best-run tournament in the country.

With great collaboration, Helium created a customized app with integrated software for tournament directors, employees, and competitors.

Streamlined Labor Costs

Registration now takes place online, in minutes. As competitors weigh-in on the day of competition, they are automatically placed into the appropriate division.

After weigh-ins, the matches are created at the touch of a button. What used to take an entire day and two dedicated, knowledgeable team members, is done in seconds. Kakuto now saves over 20 labor hours per tournament.

Communication Made Easy

Helium created a system in which competitors receive a text message notifying them of their event time and mat location. This allows competitors to stay informed whether they are wearing headphones, across the room, or in the parking lot. All active and upcoming matches are displayed on monitors throughout the venue.

These improvements solved the number one question from competitors of “when is my match” and the Kakuto Tournament received dozens of 5-Star Reviews hours after debuting the new software.

Effective use of Resources, Increased Profits

All mats are now assigned and managed automatically using Helium’s software solution. Kakuto is the first tournament in the world to use this type of automatic competitor communication and tournament optimization. This has allowed the Kakuto Tournament to increase their revenue and productivity by 1,000%.

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, PHP, CodeIgniter, Twilio, MariaDB