What is SCRUM?

The  Scrum is a process of the Agile Methodology that is used to minimize the risks during the development of a project in a collaborative way. Among the advantages are productivity, quality and daily monitoring of the progress of the project, ensuring that the members are united, communicating efficiently and that the client sees progress.

How the Process works:

First, the Product Backlog is defined, which will allow team members to make their Sprints later.

Product Backlog: It is a “wish list” of the functionalities of the product. It is prepared by the Product Owner and the functions are prioritized according to what is more and less important for the business. The goal is for the Product Owner to answer the question  “What should be done?”  

Sprint Backlog: It is a subset of items of the Product Backlog, which are selected by the team to perform during the Sprint on which it is going to work. The team establishes the duration of each Sprint.

Sprint Planning Meeting:  This meeting is the beginning of each Sprint and is defined how it will approach the project coming from the Product Backlog stages and deadlines. Each Sprint is composed of different features. For example, we decided that the features of the first Sprint are: logo design, color definition, and multimedia content.

Daily Scrum or Stand-up Meeting:  It is a  brief meeting that takes place daily during the Sprint period. Three questions are answered individually:  What did I do yesterday? What am I going to do today? What help do I need? The Scrum Master should try to solve problems or obstacles that arise.

Sprint Review: The finished sprint is reviewed, and there should already be a clear and tangible product to present to the client.

Sprint Retrospective: The team reviews the completed goals of the finished Sprint. Write down the good and the bad, so as not to repeat the mistakes again. This stage serves to implement improvements from the point of view of the development process.

There’s no question Scrum is a very effective process management method for reducing the complexity of the development of products to meet the needs of customers. Scrum events are used to minimize the need for meetings and establish a cadence that allows the team to encourage communication and collaboration by reducing time in extended meetings as well as reducing restrictive and predictive processes. Scrum is a wonderful and simple framework that promotes team collaboration to develop complex products more efficiently.

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