Dynamic Notes

 About Dynamic Notes

Dynamic Notes increases customer response with personalized notes designed to exactly mimic handwriting in mere seconds.

The Rehonic Agency is an Allstate insurance brokerage known for keeping a competitive edge through innovation. Consumers are sent countless amounts of advertising mail every day. It is obvious that most of these are printed. In the days of multi-million dollar insurance advertising campaigns, on-line quoting, and 1-800 numbers, the Brad Rehonic discovered a way to cut through the noise and speak directly to potential customers.

Brad began adding small, personal notes on top of each of his estimates. He found this increased the customer response rate from less than 1/2 of a percent to almost 5%. Brad continued and found the maximum number of letters they could send was about 500 letters per day.

At this point, Brad knew he had a big opportunity on his hands. His next step was figuring out how to send more letters, create a product he could sell to other agents, and most importantly ensure the notes look hand written.

The Top 3 Challenges
  • Handwriting notes are not scalable
  • Limited to sending a maximum of 500 letters per day
  • No way to sell service to other insurance agents
The Solution

Recreating realistic handwritten notes using software

The number one priority was implementing a font realistic enough to convince potential customers they were hand written. Working with designers and professional typographers, Helium delivered an incredibly realistic result. The Rehonic Agency and DynamicNotes customers can now send direct mailed quotes with handwritten envelopes and notes.

Create over 85,000 letters per day

Handwritten notes that would take about 1 minutes to create are now created in less than 1 second with Dynamic Notes. Hand written letters are limited by the 8 hour work day, while the Dynamic Notes can create letters 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Online marketplace to sell Dynamic Notes

Helium created an online solution for Dynamic Notes to sell and manage their entire business. The customers of Dynamic Notes can now sign up online, manage their account, set up payment, create customized quote templates, and instantly generate realistic handwritten notes and envelopes.

Technologies Used:  PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Apache, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stripe