Helium celebrated in “Graduation”

Sandy Springs Innovation Center celebrates its first startup ‘graduation’

The Sandy Springs Innovation Center is celebrating the “graduation” of its first homegrown startup company and marking its first birthday with a better sense of its small-business mission.

The space got off to a slow start, but after more than a year of planning, it officially opened in October 2017. Now, it’s planning a major reconfiguration with new furniture and new employees, said Dan Giannini, a volunteer leading the center, on a recent visit.

“The center now has proven its concept,” Giannini said. “Our next step is to grow.”

Helium Services founders Terrence Jackson, left, and Joe Norton. (Evelyn Andrews)

The center planned a Sept. 27 “graduation ceremony” for the business that is moving out, Helium Services, a mobile app, custom software, and website development company that has grown from two founders to around 10 employees.

“I think they should continue to focus on connecting companies,” said Joe Norton, one of the company founders. “I think one of the most important paths to success here is connecting people like us to the business community in Sandy Springs.”

As the center begins to reorient and Helium’s business grows bigger, the business plans to move into Industrious Perimeter, a branch of the nationwide coworking chain, where it will have more space. The founders, Norton and Terrence Jackson, credit the Chamber with being the driving force behind Helium coming to, and staying in, Sandy Springs.

“I can’t say enough about how helpful Tom was in getting us plugged into the Sandy Springs ecosystem,” Norton said of Tom Mahaffey, the Chamber’s president and CEO.

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