48in48 Super Service Event

What is 48in48?

Helium is growing at an ever-increasing pace, and part of the fun of that includes the opportunity to bring a full team out to volunteer more. We recently had the opportunity to participate in our first hackathon, and by all accounts, it was a resounding success!

48in48 is a national organization that was started here in Atlanta by founders Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker. The idea is simple – participating teams show up to the event on Friday and work for the next 48 hours through Sunday to build websites for 48 nonprofits. After starting here in Atlanta in 2015, 48in48 now has events in seven other major cities worldwide!

As a team, Helium was tasked with building three websites over the weekend – no small task, but achievable with our awesome team. We’d be building websites for Culture Quest, Grow Ohio Valley’s Public Market, and Two Tailz Rescue.

About our nonprofits

1. Culture Quest

Culture Quest explores and documents historical African American communities and sites, to increase support for preservation efforts by illustrating the value of African American history and culture in America.

2. Public Market

Grow Ohio Valley’s Public Market is a year-round, non-profit store that brings local and natural food to the heart of downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.

3. Two Tailz Rescue

Two Tailz Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming homeless, abused, and neglected dogs, both from high-kill shelters as well as off the streets. Two Tailz specializes in hard-to-rescue street dogs and shelter dogs who have not been rescued by other rescue groups.

Getting to work…fast!

Helium approached 48in48 as we would with any of our typical clients – discovery first. We got in touch with each of our three clients and talked through their needs, requirements, things to steer clear from, and any other pertinent details. Additionally, 48in48 did a great job of gathering content and requirements from each nonprofit prior to the event and housing it in an easy to access location.


Joe sitting down with Culture Quest


These projects were obviously much more quickly paced than we would normally handle building a website, so we paired off – we had six team members in attendance, so each site had two people working on it. Since we build websites frequently and 48in48 had content and assets ready to go for us, we were able to plan and build our sites pretty quickly!


Zach, Tyler and Joe getting to work!


We had a very productive weekend at 48in48. All three of our sites turned out great! One of our sites, Two Tailz Rescue, even won best overall website!

As of this writing, two of our sites are live and can be seen here: Culture Quest, Public Market. Two Tailz Rescue will be live soon – check out some screenshots of what we made:


The Two Tailz Home Page


The Two Tailz Help Section


We are very lucky to have a team that wants to get out and help in the community, and utilizing the skills we use day to day is a really fun way to do that. As we grow, we hope to participate in more 48in48 events and any other volunteer opportunities we come across!


The 48in48 Helium Team (Tyler, Terrence, Joe, Zach, David, and Jacob)


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