Three Ways Social Logins Boost User Engagement

Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that a consumer’s digital experience is everything – and it all starts with a site’s login process. For business owners looking to drive visitor engagement and boost website conversion sites, a social login delivers an ideal solution. Also known as a third-party auth or social sign-in, social logins accelerate the sign-on process, allowing users to access existing social network login data (think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) for a single sign-on experience on both web-based and mobile applications.

Not sure if third-party auth makes sense for your website and/or digital marketing strategy? Here are three benefits that will help you make up your mind. Social login advantages include:


1. Faster Registration

Put simply: online users loathe long registration forms. Worse yet, most digital viewers are already suffering from some form of password fatigue. Recent reports show that an average user has 5 (or more) usernames and passwords, leaving more than 75% of online consumers frustrated with having to continuously remember individualized login information. A third-party auth fast tracks registration, allowing your users to bypass lengthy forms and uber-tedious “prove you’re not a robot” tactics, so they can access your site as quickly as possible. Bonus: Some social media sites, like Twitter, allow users to log on using just a phone number, eliminating dreaded password fatigue entirely.


2. Ability To Collect Limited (But Accurate) Data

Sure, a long registration form does provide valuable user data – if it’s accurate intelligence. Marketing studies suggest that approximately 80% of misclassified consumers were likely mistargeted because they provided inaccurate or incomplete information when registering new website accounts. Yes, implementing a social login does restrict the total user information you’ll gather; however, you will still be able to collect limited, accurate, data from the single sign-on process. Aggregating more meaningful intelligence from a social sign-on:

  • Provides deeper consumer understanding
  • Allows for a personalized user engagement
  • Promotes better marketing decisions


3. Enterprise Validation

Most importantly, using a social login instantly establishes your business as a viable enterprise. Users will associate your site with the social media page you’re using to sign in with, allowing your company to borrow some invaluable “brand equity.”


Choose A Social Sign-In That Aligns With Your Brand

Of course, choosing to leverage a social sign-in is only the first step in streamlining the user experience. You’ll also have to decide which social media page is the right choice for your business. When making your ultimate selection, opt for the site that aligns with your corporate goals and best resonates with your specific consumer demographic to optimize each user experience.