Helium Builds the “Spotify of Africa” Mobile Digital Music Presence for NotJustOk

Digital streaming has redefined how we listen to music. Previous generations relied on downloaded audio files, such as MP3s, to aggregate a stored digital library of music. However, today’s streaming delivery methods require no file download. Instead, users only need a smartphone and a digital music streaming service for virtually instant access to a multitude of audio file formats. 

Music streaming technology has wielded a sustainable impact on a global scale, gaining momentum in virtually every country where people have mobile devices. The Nielsen’s 2018 Year-End Music Report revealed that in 2018 alone, American listeners streamed a record-breaking 900+ billion songs over a 12-month span, accounting for 75 percent of all U.S. music revenues. Our collective affinity for digital streaming is a trend that’s predicted to grow, both in the U.S. as well as internationally. According to Statista.com, there were 67.5 million digital music subscribers in 2015, a number that is expected to surge to over 200 million sometime in 2019, firmly establishing streaming as the preferred method of choice for users across the world. 


NotJustOk, a leading streaming resource in Nigeria, has established itself as one of Africa’s most popular digital music resources. First launched in 2006, the brand not only caters to its direct markets but also supplies music and podcasts to Spotify, the world’s top music streaming service. As a result, NotJustOk has successfully grown its web-based platform and global footprint to include a growing 1.2 million viewers per month from over 180 countries. 

NotJustOk already had a well established and highly-functioning website. However, its previous mobile applications were technologically obsolete and rendered completely unusable, eliminating the brand’s ability to compete within the mobile marketplace. 

In 2018, brand executives turned to Helium to develop new native iPhone and Android apps to tap into the expansive, mobile music streaming demographic and transition its services from laptops alone into the hands of its loyal, ever-growing pool of mobile followers across the globe. 


Helium’s solution for NotJustOk was Mino Music, a from-scratch digital platform explicitly designed to launch the brand into the mobile sect. Helium developed both iOS and Android platform applications to drive Mino Music’s reach within the mobile device vertical and appeal to the broadest possible global demographic, while still maintaining its current African consumer base. Beyond the iPhone and Android Phone systems, the Helium team also included functionality for Apple Watch and Google Watch as an extension of the music apps to expand user accessibility, allowing listeners to control songs, volume, and selected playlists, much like Spotify and Apple Music platforms.

Helium Leveraged Cutting-Edge Innovation Throughout The Design

Mino Music leverages a dynamic technology suite including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Google Analytics

Additionally, both the iOS iPhone and Apple Watch versions of Mino Music include Swift technology while the Android phone and smartwatch functionality used Java programming on Google Play. 

Mino Music Design Stands Out From Other Digital Options

Helium utilized several differentiating features across both application platforms to promote a positive user experience with every engagement. Some of Mino Music’s most distinctive functionality includes:

Music Playback

Music playback prolongs the single battery charge of a device when used as a music player only. Including music playback in NotJustOk’s mobile apps helps users optimize battery life when setting the device to Flight mode and using headphones rather than the speaker.

Social Media Login

Mino Music’s iOS and Android mobile apps use both Facebook and Twitter logins to accelerate the registration process as well as minimize failed sign-in attempts with users. 

Account Kit

NotJustOk users without Facebook or Twitter can still access their profiles using Account Kit, a technology that allows login without a password. Account holders only need an email address or phone number to sign-in.

Offline Functionality

Offline mode supports the apps’ functionality without an Internet connection. Using offline mode with NotJustOk helps power fast loading time, eliminates roaming costs, and saves on battery usage. 

Push Notifications

The push notification feature in Mino Music’s iOS and Android platforms delivers quick and efficient audience communication. Helium included this technology to stimulate engagement levels, re-engage users, support brand consistency, and potentially increase overall conversion rates. 

Subscription Service

The platform’s subscription functionality was implemented to help drive more reliable revenue sources across all devices. 


Officially launched in 2018, Mino Music’s mobile platforms delivered several mission-critical benefits to the NotJustOk brand. Helium built the initial Android framework for the Mino Music app before transitioning final development to NotJustOk for completion. Currently, Mino Music’s Android application has 4.4 stars compared to the platform’s overall 4.2 average for all apps. Helium fully developed and launched Mino Music’s iPhone app functionality, which currently maintains an outstanding 4.8 star average from aggregated user reviews

Mino Music’s applications also offer extensive reporting functionality and data intelligence mining for NotJustOk to gauge brand performance with users. Some of the apps’ statistics for March 2018 include:

  • 1,896,000 songs played this month
  • 220,000 songs downloaded this month
  • 227,792 users this month
  • Downloads and users in 137 countries

The reporting technology in Mino Music establishes a benchmark for NotJustOk to monitor future results and adjust marketing strategies as needed for further audience impact.