The Benefits Of A Mobile First Design

When designing a website, business owners recognize that mobile users are a global force to reckon with. Statista data reveals that in 2018, mobile phones generated a total of 52.2 percent of all worldwide website traffic, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. The rapid expansion of the international smartphone market has done more than establish mobile web designs as a must for brands of every size and scope. As the amount of content accessed through smart devices continues to grow, more and more brands are opting for a mobile first design.

A mobile first design does more than appeal to the broadest pool of consumers accessing the Internet. For business owners looking to leverage their digital image to edge out the competition, a mobile ready website also offers:

Focused (aka Relevant) Content

Let’s face it; overdoing the content and optics on a desktop design is easy. Presented with a virtually endless digital canvas, entrepreneurs often feel obliged to showcase every service and product, which can quickly dilute brand impact. Starting with a mobile website design forces business owners to emphasize the power of negative space and zero in on the most actionable, relevant offerings for a more cohesive, compelling marketing message.

Improved User Experience

Focusing on core content can also have an impact on the overall user experience. A consolidated mobile menu promotes an aesthetically clean and organized layout that’s easy to navigate. Additionally, starting with a desktop design means consumers accessing your site on a smart device will (eventually) be met with unintelligible visual chaos. A mobile optimized website delivers a faster load speed and showcases your pages the way they were meant to be viewed for an enhanced overall user experience that keeps consumers engaged.


Best of all, developing a strategy for the smallest possible screen first provides a viable digital foundation that’s easy to scale for desktops without compromising the integrity of your original design. Using your mobile layout as a springboard allows you to effortlessly expand menus, content, and graphics to resonate with desktop users, yet still maintain a consistent digital image for your brand across all devices.